Frequently Asked Questions

At Financial Blueprint we strongly emphasis that if you are not comfortable with a particular strategy or recommendation “you” should not proceed with it prior to further consultation.¬† At the end of the day your Adviser relationship is built on trust and the comfort level you feel.

The six questions below are typical of what we are frequently asked.

1. What areas do we provide advice In?
Ask what areas your Adviser specialises in: E.g. Self ­Managed Super Funds, Direct Share or Centrelink advice.

Tip: Also ask if there are any areas your Adviser can’t advise you on.

2. What are your qualifications and experience?

Ask your Adviser what qualifications they have and the experience and knowledge they possess including professional bodies to provide you with the service and advice you need.

As a rule your Financial Adviser should hold a degree and have had at least 5 years of industry experience. This can be verified on the ASIC website. Financial Blueprint Advisers all meet this criteria.

3. What kind of clients does your Adviser look after?

Ask your adviser about their client base to ensure that they are able to meet and service your current and future needs.
For example if you are looking for advice on an Investment Property and your Adviser does not provide this service you should consider your options elsewhere.

4. What ongoing services does your Adviser provide?
Good financial advice does not employ a “set and forget” strategy and in the vast majority of cases requires ongoing service and review with the exception of “one off advice”.

Financial Blueprint is committed to providing ongoing service with many clients utilising Annual Management services to monitor their portfolios and to keep up to date with ever changing rules and regulations.

Regular reporting and ongoing contact is also an important part of the above process.

5. How is my Adviser remunerated?
Before you commit to becoming a client of Financial Blueprint you should have a good understanding of the fee structure relevant to your own situation.

At Financial Blueprint your first meeting is a free no obligation consultation at which a general outline of the costs involved in providing service and advice to you is outlined.

Financial Blueprint is remunerated by a combination of fees and Brokerage.

6. How independent are we?
Financial Blueprint is licenced to an independent Dealer Group LWP Financial Pty Ltd AFSL number 423-936.

It is not owned nor does it have any association with any Bank, Fund Manager or other Financial Institution.

It also has its own internally generated Approved Product List allowing its advisers a wide choice of Investment selection to compliment its recommended strategies.

More questions?

Get in touch for a no-obligation chat where we can go into more detail.